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Fixes and Solutions

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Here are some problems that have turned up and the solutions for them.  Some have been contributed by other owners.  If you have an entry that would be appropriate for this page, please contact me.
  Dash Air Conditioner Condenser Fan Extremely Noisy

The REV Diplomat has a Denso® High-Output Auto A/C Heater unit in the dash.  The dash A/C and heat work much better than in my last diplomat.  However, the condenser fan for the Air Conditioner, located behind the exterior entrance steps, was extremely noisy.  From the driver & passenger seats it sounded like a very loud shop vac was running.  It was difficult to carry on a conversation with the dash AC running. 

My dealer was kind enough to try several solutions for this problem.  The noise was reverberating on the back of the entrance steps.  (See the "Before picture".)  What worked best was to build a mounting bracket extension and lower the fan about 6-7 inches so that most of the noise went below the enclosed step housing, and down toward the road.  Then a thick piece of insulation was glued to the back of the step housing to stop any remaining reverberation in that area. 

Amazingly, taking these two steps significantly cut the noise by about 80% inside the front of the motorhome while travelling with the dash AC on.



  No Latch on Microwave Door
There is no latch on the Whirlpool microwave door.  It's just held shut by a weak magnet.  Consequently the door flys upon while underway and then rocks on the hinges until you can close it.  That causes the door to sag on the hinges if it happens a couple of times.  My dealer got the fix from Winnebago. 

Winnebago uses the same Whirlpool microwave, but they fashioned a latch underneath the door using a piece of metel that has a vertical tab on the side furthest from the door hinge.   They mounted a standard RV drawer push latch tongue to that tab and the receiver to the underside of the door itself.  This works very well, and is completely hidden from the front when the door is closed.  (Both of these pictues show the bottom of the microwave looking up from the countertop below.)

Co-pilot Side Console Comes Loose from Wall

The console beside the front passenger seat tends to come loose from the wall.  It is held at the top by one screw (under the cup holder)  that is tapped into the fiber-board bulkhead.  Eventually the screw strips and will no longer hold.  At first I tried a larger screw in a slightly different position.  That lasted about 4 months before it stripped and came loose.  The usual answer would be a molly bolt.  But there is not enough room between the inside wall and the outside wall to install even a small plastic molly bolt or screw.  The fix I came up with is heavy duty "Extreme Outdoor Velcro".  You can buy it at Lowes in a box of five 4"x1" strips, which is just enough for the entire length.  The "all-weather" Velcro should withstand the heat from the heat exchanger under there.  Should you need to remove that console, you should be able to pry apart the Velcro.  (The screws at the bottom are under the fire extinguisher and they tap into a metal bracket.)

By the way,  have you ever wondered about the design engineer who decided to place the cup holder directly below the window knob, preventing anyone from using it for anything larger than a tea cup?

Incorrect Diagram for House Batteries

REV attached a diagram to the battery bay door showing the layout of the battery bank and how it is wired - a very helpful idea.  However, like a lot of the REV documentation, it was wrong.  Both the layout configuration and the wire attachment points did not match the coach.  So I made a new one, laminated it, and attached it on the door over the incorrect diagram.  Feel free to click the picture to the left for a full size version you can download.  (The diagram also shows where I attached the PowerPulse desulfator which I added as an aftermarket item to the battery bay.  See the Mods Page for details.)
  Water Tank Bypass Valve Label

The water tank bypass valve is a different shape, and oriented differently than what is shown in the diagram on the water bay door.  And the label for this valve only says "OPEN" and "CLOSE".  This can be a bit confusing.  So I made a label to stick next to the valve which clearly shows the correct position for the various functions.  If you click on the picture to the right, you will get a larger version you can download and stick over top of the confusing label already there.  (Save it and resize as needed.)

  No Fresh Water Tank Drain
The legacy Monaco coaches all had 2" drains on the fresh water tank which enabled you to drain the fresh water in a matter of minutes.  For some unkown reason REV "forgot" to install a fresh water tank drain on the new coaches.  What you have to do to drain the tank is to... (1) Open the galley faucet to allow air into the system while draining.  (2) Open the three low point drains in the water bay (hot & cold on the left side, and the pump input drain on the right side;  (3) Put the tank bypass valve in the open (vertical) position;  (4) Turn on the water pump and pump the water out.  It's best to have a good book on hand to read when you do this, because if the tank is full, draining it is going to take well over an hour.  Also, because there is no tank drain, you cannot pump all of the water out of the tank.  You can only pump down to the level of the water pump input feed line, which is about a half inch above the bottom of the tank. 
Adjustable Bed Doesen't Work When You Push the Switch

This applies only to the powered adjustable bed - REV calls it a "Dream Easy Series" bed.  It is controlled by a Lippert hall effect controller that you can calibrate to set the up and down stop limits.  If, for any reason the wire to the motor becomes disengaged, the switch will stop working until the stops are re-calibrated.  Care should be taken to make sure the cable between the controller and the motor is free of any obstructions as the bed moves up and down.  After this happened to me, I secured the cable with duct tape.  The control unit is located under the storage area beneath the bed on the left side. 


To recalibrate it, first download this installation manual from Lippert.  Calibration instructions are in there.  There are two things the manual does NOT tell you about the procedure, and it took me a while to figure this out on my own,  The first is is that when calibrating the stops, when the LED lights are flashing you have to push the button until the green light is in a steady-on state.  Otherwise the bed will not move.  The other thing is that you must calibrate the upward limit first, and then the downward limit.  It won't work the other way.   After you successfully calibrate both limits, both lights will blink a few times and then go out.  When they go out, the bed can be operated normally.      

Emergency Fire Egress Door

This is more of a "reminder" than a "fix"....  If your coach has an emergency egress door in the rear bathroom (an option for 2016/2017 Monaco coaches), make sure you open it up before you need it.  On mine the cables that hold the door were secured by two heavy wire ties on each side.  I cut them off and then positioned the cables in the slots provided at both sides of the door.  I'd hate to imagine trying to use the door in an emergency if I had not done that!

Also, the door is heavy, so it might be a good idea to locate a cheap pair of padded work gloves nearby to lower the door with the cables.   And lastly, another friendly reminder...  Don't forget to buy a couple of extra fire extinguishers for your coach - one for the galley and one for the bedroom.  One extinguisher by the front door meets the safety code, but fire experts would tell you that it is not enough. 

Optional Winegard Satellite Receiver
If your motorhome came with the optional Winegard RoadTrip Mission In-Motion or Stationary Satellite Receiver (Models RTT-408 or RTS-408), you probably did not receive any documentation with it.  The manual is crucial to successfully setting up and operating your Antenna with either DISH Network or DirectTV.   Here is a link to the latest version of the manual from Winegard...


Note that Winegard has recently replaced this popular antenna with the slightly improved Roadtrip T4 antenna.

When House Batteries Go Completely Dead, and Firefly Network will not Operate
  If you're not plugged in to any source of shore power, and the house battery bank goes completely dead, taking all power away from the Firefly Controller Network, the act of just plugging into shore power or running your genset will NOT re-charge your batteries.  Most coach systems are controlled by the Firefly Network, including the on-board charger.  So if that network has lost all power, it needs to reboot before the charger will run.  It will reboot on it's own, without loosing its programming, but it needs power to do so.   So you must provide some external source of power to get the system rebooted.  Two easy ways to do that are:  1. Connect an external battery charger to the house bank long enough to get the network rebooted, or 2.  Push and hold the battery boost switch on the dash for about 60 seconds, which closes the relay separating the two banks and will provide enough power to reboot the Firefly system so that the on-board charger will begin working.  Once the system is back up and the internal charger is operating, you will notice that some low amp items (like LED lights and your Firefly switch panels) will begin working immediately.  Things that take more power (like the door locks) will require more time for the batteries to charge before they will work.  (The lock controller is powered from the house batteries, but should not loose it's link with the key fobs while it is without power.)

This coach has a rather high residual drain on the house 12v system, which I suspect is true of most newer high-end coaches.  The chassis batteries will deplete more slowly, but also have a residual drain.  You need to plan for this while the coach is being stored without shore power - especially in cold weather.  While turning off the battery master switches will prolong battery life, there are some items that still draw power from either battery bank while the master switches are off. 

Missing Dinette Drawer 

If you have the Dinette option, rather than the table & chairs, you have noticed that REV built a drawer under only one of the benches - not both.  The other one simply has a side cover that pops off and on with standard panel clasps.  Target sells a Sterilite 60-quart storage bin on wheels that fits exactly under there, utilizing the entire space.  It is stock #002020408 and costs just $14.99.  It also has a cover so  you can use it to store clothes or linens.  You can fit much more into this bin than you can with the built-in drawer on the other side, but you still have to pull the panel off to access it, which is easily done.

More items will be added to this page as I discover things that are appropriate to include.  If any other owners of these coaches have a suggestion about something that should be included here, please email me.

Full-Wall Slide Not Closing Tightly on One End:  This "fix" is from my 2007 Diplomat, which also had a full wall slide.  I don't know if it applies to the 2017 model, but it can't hurt.  So, I'm leaving it posted here in case it may be useful. The fix was relayed to me by Lew Felton, another SFT owner, who was given this information from Monaco Tech Support.  The SFT floor plan on the Diplomat and Endeavor has a huge full-wall slide that is powered by hydraulic rams.  Sometimes the rams get out of sync, causing the slide not to close as tightly as it should on one end or the other.  With the length of this slide, it would only take a small amount of difference between the rams to cause an alignment problem.


The solution is to retract the slide and hold the retract button for 20 seconds after the slide is in and stopped.  Then wait wait about a minute to let the hydraulic pump cool down.  Now extend the slide out and again hold the button down 20 seconds after the slide is fully extended.  According to Monaco, this procedure will re-sync the hydraulic rams.     

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Last Updated 12/05/2017

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