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Maintenance Notes

Click on the various photos and links throughout this page for more information.


This page includes some links to various items of interest concerning maintenance of the 2007 Monaco Diplomat and similar motor homes.

Adjusting Ride Height:  Click on this photo for a copy of the Monaco procedure for checking ride height and the specs for the 07 Diplomat.  (Call Tech Support for specs on other models.)
Engine Maintenance:  See maintenance intervals as posted on the Cummins web site.  Download the Cummins ISL Quick Reference Guide for part numbers and operating over-view.
Winterizing the Diplomat:  An organized, easy-to-follow procedure that I wrote for winterizing a Monaco Diplomat and similar motor homes, based on information from the Diplomat Owners Manual.
Wiper Blades:  Nowhere in the owner's manual does Monaco recommend a part number for wiper blade replacements.  Until recently, I have always had difficulty finding blades that were heavy enough to do a proper job and also fit the arms installed on the coach.  Then I discovered Trico number 67-321 Heavy Duty 32 inch blade replacements made for trucks, busses, and RV's.  These blades are up the the task.  You can find them at many truck supply houses or at Amazon or Ebay, etc. 
Monaco Tech Tips:  For many years Monaco published periodic "Tech Tips", which contained useful information converning maintenance of the chassis or various house componenents.  They used to have all the tips from 2004 through 2008 on their web site and I had links to them all here.  However these links are no longer available, and I did not have the forsight to copy all the information before they took them down.  If anyone has all or any of these Tech Tips, please contact me by email and I will publish them here.

I did save a list of most items on the motorhome that need scheduled maintenance.  Monaco published it as Tech Tip #185.  While they leave it up to the reader to determine the intervals for these items, it is helpful to have a list of most everything that needs periodic attention. 

 2007 Chassis Electrical Schematic:  Many changes were made to the 12v chassis electrical system in model year 2007.  Here is a PDF file of the entire system.  After opening the file, rotate counter-clockwise and use dynamic zoom.  That way you can zoom in to the areas you wish to study.   (The file size is 1.1 MB)
 The Smart Wheel system, supplied by VIP (Vehicle Improvement Products) has some good information on their web site, for both the current V4 MPX system and older systems. 

Owner's Manual          Trouble-Shooting Guide

Slide Topper:  Here is some information on the Carefree of Colorado Summit Slide Topper used on the 2007 Diplomat.  I believe this may no longer be available on the Carefree web site.  (Complements of Richard Joye.)

Where to Go for Repairs:  When the initial one year warranty period is over, where is the best place to take your motor home for maintenance, or when things need fixed?  That's an important consideration for me, since I'd have to travel across three states to get to the nearest Monaco factory shop - a round trip of almost 1300 miles. 

The answer for me depends on what I need done.  If something on the "house side" needs fixed, there's nothing like an experienced RV repair facility to get the job done right.  So I'll go back to the dealer for that.  But I see no reason to return to the dealer for chassis work.  There are more experienced people closer at hand.  If the engine or transmission need attention, I'll take it to a qualified Cummins or Anderson shop - usually a good truck repair facility that's on Cummins list of qualified shops. 

For routine inspections, lube jobs, preventative maintenance, and most chassis related repairs, I've found no place better than the local bus garage in my home town.  The mechanics are skilled, meticulous, and don't mind working on motor homes.  And the price is more reasonable than larger shops.

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