TriMark Keyless Entry System and Keypad

The above picture shows where the new system was installed behind the heating controls panel.  That's where the old system was, and so it provided easy access to the interface harness that was already there.  The keypad on the floor was an add-on along with the harness connecting the keypad to the control unit.  The wiring was accomplished with the help of an electrical diagram from Monaco and by comparing the wiring pin-outs between the installation manual for the old system and those for the new system.  I also had a little help from TriMark Technical Support.  All of their people are fantastic to deal with. 
Here are the part numbers and installation manuals used in this installation
Description Part Number Installation Manual Consumer Manual
Electronic Lock Controller with two Key Fobs  (Kit) 22316-01
Lighted Key Pad

22577-05   (Vertical)

22577-06   (Horizontal)

24" Key Pad Harness  ( I extended to 15 ft.) 22305-01    

Here is the Monaco wiring diagram.  Click on the image to enlarge and view in PDF format. 

I have altered this diagram as there were mistakes in the original one from Monaco. 


Click on this picture to see how the finished key pad looks on the side of the motorhome.
Key Pad Harness:  The harness for the key pad had to be extended to 15 feet to go from the electrical compartment under the passenger seat arm rest to the dash area where the controller is located.  I made up the harness, but I did not have the tools (or the courage) to cut the hole in the side of my Diplomat for the key pad.  So I asked the dealer to do that part.  They cut a fine hole, but in the wrong direction, which is why you see a vertical key pad in the pictures here, but a horizontal key pad on the motorhome. 

I included three extra wires in the harness.  One was for the porch light operation, another for the dome light operation (see below), and one more for possible future use. 

Porch Light Latching Relay:  Next it was time to tackle the project to allow the porch light to be switched on and off with the star button on the key fob.  Pin #9 on the 14-pin connector on the TriMark controller emits a 15A pulse signal whenever the star button is pushed.  So I needed a latching impulse relay that would use this signal to toggle the light on and off. I Googled "latching impulse relay" and found the perfect solution at FactoryMation on the web.  The relay only cost $23.00, and I paid $4.00 more for a base to make the wiring easier.  Click on the picture for a larger image.

The relay went into the electrical compartment behind the door switches where the key pad and the porch light switch are both located  Here is how I wired it....

Tab A: Trigger signal from TriMark Controller wired via an extra wire in the key pad harness.
Tab B: Ground (for relay coil)
Tabs 1 & 7: Wired in parallel with the output from the porch light switch (which also operates the light in the grab handle).

Dome Light:  TriMark provides for an internal timed relay that will turn the dome light on for 30 seconds when the vehicle is unlocked (just like in your automobile).  There are three wires associated with this feature included in the 10-pin harness.  Pins 4 & 5 provided polarity voltage for pin 3, and pin 3 (purple wire) feeds the resulting 12v voltage to actuate the light.  Monaco includes all of these wires in their interface harness (see Monaco diagram above as corrected), however they forgot to complete the circuit to the light.  Perhaps they could not find a dome light in the coach to connect the wire to. 

Well, actually there are two "dome lights" (also called "map lights") - one over the drivers side window, and the other over the passenger side window.  I chose to use the passenger map since it was closest to the door and also lit up the interior entry steps.  So I ran a wire from the the Monaco harness pin #6, to the passenger map light switch, and the switch for the small internal step lights, using one of the extra wires I included in the keypad harness.  The 15 amp output that TriMark provides is enough amperage to handle all three of these small lights.  These lights add plenty of light when entering the coach at night, and they shut off after 30 seconds, which is enough time to get in and turn on other lights within the coach.   

Important note:  With both pins 4 & 5 connected as per the Monaco diagram, the dome light lead (purple wire from pin 3) will be grounded when not activated.  You do not want that ground connection as that will short the circuit.  So you must disconnect pin 5 from ground so that the dome light lead will be open (not grounded) until you activate the unlock function.  (See "Pin 5 note" in the wiring diagram above.  Pins 1 & 8 should remain grounded.)